Progressive Dialer™

Make More Calls Per Hour

Decrease your downtime and get talking to more contacts every hour with Progressive Dialer™. There’s no need to be locked down to a computer, our versatile dialer solution can use your existing desk, mobile, landline, and VoIP phones. Cloud capabilities mean you can not only use any device but also use them anywhere, including when you’re on the go.


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Progressive Dialer™ Dashboard

Designed To Drive Sales

Progressive Dialer™ can meet a wide range of needs, but was designed to help sales individuals and organizations. Improve your sales processes with the ability to reach more contacts each and every hour without having to be locked down to a computer. However, a feature-complete desktop experience can empower those who are sitting before a computer, too.

Your Cloud Solution

Progressive Dialer™ works with any device, in any location that can connect to the internet.

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Any Phone Will Do

Whether you’re using a mobile, Non-fixed VoIP, landline, or desktop device, you can start making more calls today.


Analytics And Reporting Features

Improve employee performance and calling trends by tracking calls and reviewing data on duration, location, outcome, and more.

Progressive Dialer™ Features

Cost Effective Pricing Plans

Cost-Effective Empowerment For Your Team

Reliable, flexible, and built for success, Progressive Driver offers enterprise-level solutions without enterprise-level costs.

Designed to scale, Progressive Dialer™ works for individual users just as well as it works for high-volume call centers. There are no set-up fees and no lengthy installations. Sign-up, onboard your users in minutes, and get dialing. Scale with ease thanks to flat-rate pricing with unlimited minutes, cutting your costs while meeting your needs.
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Free Local Numbers

Each user can choose and add 10 local numbers.

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Add Toll-Free Numbers

The Autodialer portal makes it easy to buy toll free and vanity numbers.


Unlimited Extensions And Routing Rules

Reroute calls with unlimited extensions and rules for all individuals and teams.

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Custom Voicemail Greetings

Each extension can record and play their own voicemail greetings

voicemail transcription@2x

Voicemail To Email Transcription

Read your voicemails with our voicemail to email transcription service.

Progressive Dialer™ Offers Features To Meet All Needs

Whatever the size of your business, Progressive Dialer™ can improve your productivity, make use of better data, and onboard employees while reducing your costs.
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Feature Rich
screen pop@2x

Screen Pop

All details, including past engagements, on a contact appear on your screen as soon as the ringing starts.

lead segmentation@2x

Lead Segmentation

Better organize your leads, making calls on the leads that are most likely to lead to success.

call handling@2x

Simultaneous Call Handling

If you’re busy, you won’t miss a call, it gets forwarded to the next available agent instead.

text messages@2x

Text Messages

Two way business texting, text forwarding, and sms autoresponders

voicemail drop@2x

Voicemail Drop

Two way business texting, text forwarding, and sms autoresponders

Progressive Dialer™ Pricing Details

No Annoying Contracts, No Extortionate Setup Fees, An Unlimited Amount of Minutes, and Cancel Anytime.

When you’re a small business trying to get off the ground, your days are complicated. Your virtual phone system needs to be as simple as it can be, and with Progressive Dialer™ you’ll have self-service, simple pricing, and no long term contracts.

FREE Self Service Setup & User Training Walk-Throughs

There’s no need to make using software a huge hassle. Keep up with your day-to-day operations while implementing our solution thanks to efficient and interactive walkthroughs, setting up the system in minutes. Train and onboard employees in minutes with our simple and customizable training features, helping you save time and start making more calls as soon as possible.
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Walkthrough Training Included

Unlimited Minutes

One flat fee and you get everything

We don’t lock features behind a paywall, nor do we bill you for every minute you spend calling. With no minute charges, overages, or surprises, Progressive Dialer™ remains a much more cost-effective choice than competitors. Our flat fee is based on the number of users alone, and easy license transfer allows you to get another user on-boarded should an existing user leave before the month’s out. A perfect solution for high-turnover call centers.
vanity phone numbers (3)
Endless Talk and Text

Progressive Dialer™ Empowers All Callers

Cost-effective, feature-complete, scaleable, and totally flexible, Progressive Dialer™ is the to choice when it comes to auto dialing solutions, and here are some of the features that make it so.
analytics@2x (1)


Make data-driven decisions with dashboards on call, SMS Service, and usage data.

call tracking@2x

Call Tracking

Spot trends in your calls and adjust your strategy based on geographic location, source, time & day data.

lead scoring@2x

Lead Scoring

Organize your call dispositions by tracking each lead, tracking its source, and assigning a quality score.

access control@2x

Access Control

Manage the access capabilities of each user, ensuring they can only access the features that they need.

predictive mode@2x

Predictive Mode

Dial three contacts at once, patching whichever one answers first to an available agent while leaving voicemails for those who don’t answer.

call abandonment@2x

Call Abandonment

Track call abandonment rates, leaving messages for abandoned calls while adjusting call rates accordingly.



Integrate Progressive Dialer™ with Zapier and a wide range of other third-party platforms.

open api@2x

Open API

Progressive Dialer™ can also implement into any application of your choice, thanks to its Open API.

Track Agent Performance

See which agents are performing at the top of their game, and which could use a little help. Detail reports on call active, duration, and outcomes are all accessible from Progress Dialer, allowing you to spot weaknesses and retraining opportunities. Quicker responses to issues allow for an optimized sale cycle.
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Employee Analytics

Get Running In Minutes

Forget setup fees and complex training processes. With Progressive Dialer™, you team can genuinely get operational in minutes. As soon as you sign up, our interactive walkthrough will help you configure the platform your needs, after which you can start adding users and dialing contacts immediately. Each new user gets training suited to the features they have access too, making sure they don’t waste time with training they’re not going to use.
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Fast and Easy Setup
work from home@2x

The Best Solution For Work From Home & Remote Employees

If you’re working with remote employees, freelancers, and agents, you might worry about how productive they are because you can’t engage with them as easily. The productivity and outcome tracking features in Progressive Dialer™ can eliminate that worry. Furthermore, you don’t need to pay to send them any equipment, they can work with whatever phone or the digital device they already have. With quick onboarding and training, you can quickly tap into a worldwide base of remote workers. Make sure every employee is fully trained on our system without the need to leave their home.

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The Best Solution for Small Business & Single Seats

Progressive Dialer™ is built for small businesses, not just enterprise-grade organizations. As such, you can get cost-effective access to enterprise-grade technology even if you have as little as one user, with the ability to scale to meet your needs as you grow. No need to meet an arbitrary minimum amount of users with our solution.

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The Best Solution for High-turnover Call Centers

Call centers can see a lot of employees come and go, and as such, you need an auto dialing solution that can respond to that. Progressive Dialer™ isn’t tied to individual users by contract. Rather, you have a set number of licenses and, if someone leaves or is fired before the end of the month, you can simply assign their license to another user with ease. You can flexibly scale the number of users in seconds, and the fast onboarding lets you get new hires using the system in mere minutes thanks to highly interactive walkthroughs and training.

high security@2x

The Best Solution for High Security & Prison Call Centers

With specific experience in operating dialers in prison call centers, Progressive Dialer™ is the solution for all kinds of high-security environments. Regardless of the level of security, we have options. For instance, you don’t need to provide expensive equipment for agents. With nothing more than a phone that is limited to dialing just the Progressive Dialer™ access number, you can minimize risk. Furthermore, agents of your choosing can maintain contact records and track their interactions with each and every contact.

on the go@2x

The Best Solution for On-the-Go Employees

No matter where you are, if you have a spare moment, you can make use of it with Progressive Dialer™. This versatile dialing solution works as well in the coffee shop or the airport lounge as it does in the office or the home, allowing you to get a truly competitive edge. With no need for a desktop, you can still gain access to a feature-complete auto dialing system that sees you making more calls each and every minute. Configure your call options, segment your leads, and deposition your call outcomes so you can keep working to your high standards on the go.

field sales@2x

The Best Solution for Car Dealers & Field Sales Representatives

Lead nurturing is the key to success for most car dealers and field sales representatives. Our solution allows your team to segment leads and call the most high-value contacts without having to be locked to their desk. Furthermore, the activity and performance of each agent, including individual call outcomes, are reported so you can optimize their engagement.

real estate@2x

The Best Solution for Real Estate Prospecting

Prospect new listings, follow up on client calls, and keep nurturing leads with the outbound calling system that could be the key to your real estate agent or agency’s success. Ensure maximum productivity with up to three times as many cold calls as you used to make, improving your chances of hitting new buyers and sellers. Furthermore, with our Cloud-empowered technology, you can do it from any device and in any place.

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Common Questions About Progressive Dialer™

If you have other questions, please contact us.
Progressive Dialer™ provides high end technology for a fraction of the cost as its competitors. In addition to dialers, we provide a full suite of telecommunication tools.
All products can be mixed and matched and range from $19.95 to $99.95 with endless talk and text.
Yes, we provide both local and toll free numbers which can be used across all our services.
No! Progressive Dialer™ is a month to month subscription that can be cancelled anytime.
Just delete any of the products directly inside your portal, or email us at
You can be calling within minutes after sign up!